Landscaping Services

Other Services

Spring Cleanup

Spring clean-ups involve the following jobs:

  • Thatch and rake all lawn areas
  • Remove leaves and debris from shrub beds
  • Edge and rake out shrub beds
  • Blow clean all walks, patios and driveway
Capone Landscape - Spring Cleanup
Just wanted to let you know what a Great Job your Crew did on the Clean Up. It really looks so clean, should have done that years ago!! Thank you and thanks to your Crew!!
Karen Paley

Capone Landscape - Re-mulch Shrub & Tree Beds

Re-mulch Shrub & Tree Beds

We install mulch in shrub and trees beds to make the beds look fresh with 3 different colors to pick from:

  • 100% Red Hemlock (not the dyed orange material)
  • Black
  • Brown

Weekly Lawn Service

This service is available Weekly and Bi-Weekly depending upon the health of your lawn.

  • Mow and trim all lawn areas
  • Blow clean all walks, patios and driveway
Capone Landscape - Lawn Service
My yard was so beautiful after your visit this week. I was shocked at what a transformation. Thank you!
Steve Fleming

Capone Landscape - Fertilization & Aeration

Fertilization & Aeration

We apply 6 applications during the year:

  1. Fertilizer w/Pre-emergence
  2. Fertilizer w/Insect Control
  3. Fertilizer w/Grub Control
  4. Fertilizer w/Late Season Insect Control
  5. Fertilizer w/Weed Control
  6. Fall Fertilizer and Pelletized Lime

Organic Mosquito & Tick Control

We apply a minimum of 7 applications during the year. We use Cedar Oil as the base of this treatment, which is organic so it is safe for children and pets. It is applied to the shrubs, trees and leaf litter around your property. This is where mosquitos and ticks live and the treatment displaces them. It takes about 2 hours to dry.

Capone Landscape - Worker spraying organic mosquito & tick controller
We have our yard back! Since Frank and his team at Capone Landscape started treating our yard with mosquito control, we can now enjoy our yard and pool area both day and night. Our yard backs up to wetlands and before the mosquitoes would carry us away! Not only does it work, but it is safe and organic – which was very important to us as we also raise honeybees. Can’t thank Frank enough for giving us our yard back!
Brian Cresta

Capone Landscape - Installing Annual Flowers

Installing Annual Flowers

Every year we enhance the properties of many of our customers by planting flowers such as Pansies in the spring, Begonias and Sunpatiens in early summer or Mums and Tulip Bulbs in the fall. If you enjoy seeing flowers on your property, we can certainly make that happen. Just let us know what seasons are important to you and the colors you prefer!

Shrub Trimming & Tree Pruning

We trim shrubs and hedges and prune trees.

Capone Landscape - Shrub Trimming & Tree Pruning
Capone Landscape - Fall Cleanups

Fall Clean-ups

  • Remove leaves and debris from lawn areas and shrub beds
  • Mow the lawn one last time before winter
  • Blow clean all walks, patios and driveway